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A globally trusted brand, Nestle Nutrition is a division within Nestle comprising of infant based milk products like NAN, Ceregrow, Baby & Me and Ceregrow. These products ensure the right kind of nutrition for an infant which gives it a healthy lifestyle while growing up.

The Challenge

To apprise HCP’s about the challenges faced in making mothers aware about the superiority of Breast Milk as compared to Cow’s Milk.

The IMA does not allow any advertising of infant nutritional supplements. Hence, the health care professionals have to be approached via Nutrition Officers to inform them about the nutrition products from Nestlé.

To also emphasize on the fact that NAN Pro comes closest to the Gold Standard without talking about the product and talking more about the overall situation the world is facing.

Our Solution

Instead of pitch the product straight-away, a science based experiential journey was conceptualized which would talk about the importance of breast milk; it's role in epigenetics eventually leading up to the quest by Nestlé to achieve a formulation as close to breast milk (The Gold Standard) as possible resulting in the formulation of NAN Pro.

Five distinct areas were created, with each disseminating information leading from the obesity epidemic to the role of epigenetics, the importance of breast milk in triggering epigenetics to eventually the quest for achieving a formulation close to breast milk leading up to the revelation of NAN Pro.

We received a very positive response from the HCP’s who were visibly impressed with the set-up and found the concept useful. Most importantly though, the project eventually also had a positive impact on the sales of NAN Pro.

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