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The world's most celebrated success story - Google was foraying into the smartphone market post Nexus with a phone that was going to be sold under the brand name of Google Pixel. A smartphone with state of the art functions and features that was going to make a prominent mark in the competitive smartphone market.

The Challenge

India is the second largest mobile consumer base with buyers that are aware as well as hard to please. With over a billion mobile phones in usage, the Indian buyer seeks functionality and fashion and all of this at a good value. He likes to experience the product and all its various features before making a buying decision.

Pixel being the first smartphone launched directly under the Google brand in the high-end spectrum of the mobile market, it was important that its features be showcased in a disruptive and immersive way establishing it as a technological benchmark among cell phones. The objective therefore was to provide the prospective consumer with an experience as unique as the revolutionary pixel itself.

Our Solution

To do justice to the best in class features of the phone, we thought of a disruptive way to showcase the product.

A composite structure was created to be put up at Malls. Pixel's superior camera and unlimited memory was highlighted with a central structure containing 84 LED screens displaying multiple photographs, all clicked on the Pixel. Also, to make the installation interactive, whenever a visitor clicked a selfie, the photograph would appear on all the 84 screens. This led to greater relatability to the product and studies have shown that selfies are a great driving factor for activations in a mall set up.

Promoters were trained to explain the workings of the Google Assistant and their phones were mated to a single large LED screen which mimicked their phone screens when they interacted with the visitors. There was also a table-top put up with the phones for the visitors to interact with without hindrance.

Over a period of 165 man days, the activity managed to get 1,20,000+ demos and 25,000+ selfies making people aware of the product

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