British American Tobacco





Print & Premium Management

BAT Indonesia/Bentoel Group is the fourth largest cigarette manufacturer in Indonesia. The company manufactures and markets a diverse range of tobacco products, i.e. machine-made kretek, hand-made kretek and white cigarettes. Key portfolio includes Dunhill Filter, Dunhill Mild, Club Mild and Lucky Strike Mild.

The Challenge

To generate massive campaign visibility across Indonesia in a challenging time frame for BAT Indonesia’s “Where MILD Becomes POWERFUL” campaign.

Our Solution

With careful planning and intimate knowledge of the print management supply chain, we were able to deliver a mammoth volume of 3D plastics (10,000+ units), vehicle branding (2,000+ units), sunscreen (205,000+ units), front counter (65,000+ units), stickers (4,000,000+ pcs) and plastic blister (1,000,000+ pcs), with the entire chain of pre-production, print production and shipment taking less than 2.5 months, while maintaining good, consistent quality.

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